About Me

Hi! The name’s Ellen. Thanks for dropping by this page~

I’m an avid reader of the Young Adult genre. Most of the books I read are fantasy because why not? There is always something about dragons (or other mythical, magical beasts), quests, and new worlds!!!

I try to post my reviews of the the books that I’ve read on here but things have become busy in my life and I haven’t set time aside to simply read a book. When I do have downtime, I usually nap. But as soon as everything settles down, I’ll be back up and running!!

Aside from the reviews that I post, I have also shared some personal things about my life. These posts are more for me than they are for the reader. I am the type of person who expresses herself more thoroughly by writing. My thoughts are more organized when they’re displayed on my laptop or handwritten on paper.


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