BR: Alex & Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz

I finished Alex & Eliza a long time ago and have finally come around to write this review. Initially I was swept away with the loveliness of the story up until a certain point. An incredibly unnecessary point of the story that could have been better if it was cut out. The feminist in me was not pleased at all.

I’m not too familiar with the origins between Elizabeth Schyuler and Alexander Hamilton so I was diving into this infamous love story blind. I did do some research after I finished the book to fill in a few holes though. Very….interesting is what I can say about their relationship.

Eliza is what I expect from a headstrong female lead and being a middle child as well was icing on the cake. Alex is also what I expect from the handsome outsider as well. Sometimes that’s not a good thing.

Perhaps I find these cookie cutter characters boring? Maybe I’m trying to find my niche of books in all the wrong genres?

When I finished this book, I felt pretty disappointed. I had this longing that there could have been more. However, this is a historical fiction and one can only stretch the truth so much (Well….Abe Lincoln was a vampire slayer).

Anyway, it was nice reading a historical fiction novel again. Probably not my favorite historical fiction but still good. I wouldn’t do another read through though. I know that Melissa de la Cruz had watched the musical “Hamilton” and was inspired to write her own version. I haven’t seen the musical myself and won’t be able to for the next few years because the tickets have been bought a few years in advanced. So I write this review with no comparison to the musical which I’m sure is amazing.


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