Mishap on my part….

Hello everyone!

I wanted to write this post today because I had accidentally deleted a comment about my review for Flame in the Mist.

Thank you very much for your comment! I’m so sorry that I deleted it. I was trying to reply on my phone when my fat thumb pressed delete. I should have learned from my previous experience trying to use WordPress on my phone.

I completely agree with your comment. I was trying to form my thoughts and couldn’t quite figure out how. It is weird to use “sumimasen” in that sense since it’s more commonly used for saying “excuse me”. “Gomenesai” would have been more acceptable.

I finally realize what bothers me so much about it. I haven’t studied the Japanese language at all so I can’t lay claim that I know everything about it but I have studied a bit of Korean. From the few lessons that I’ve had in Korean, the sentence structure is the same.

So the whole reason why I’m saying this word is bothersome because the usage of the word “sumimasen” was used in an “American” way. This actually piggy backs on my issue of making Asian culture exotic.

Anyway, thanks again for commenting. I’m sorry for deleting your comment though!


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