BR: Perdita by Faith Gardner

Normally when I browse the YA section of the bookstore, I gravitate towards the fantasy books. I love reading fantasy books but sometimes they get a bit too much. Sometimes there’s too much angsty teenage romance in a story with magical warring nations thrown on top of that mess. I have a stack of books for such breaks.

I came across Perdita when I was surfing through the many giveaways that were hosted on Goodreads. I can’t recall a reason why the book intrigued me. From the summary of the book on Goodreads, the book doesn’t sound very good. Yet by some magical force, I entered the giveaway anyway.

Funny story. Alex also entered the giveaway too. She has more luck than I do because she won the giveaway. My mom and I have talked about how the members are not very luck when it comes to lotteries or giveaways. Although we always seem to get free food.

Alex highly praised the book (her review is on Goodreads) and sent me the book along with other books for Christmas. After Wintersong, I needed something to take my mind off the young man behind the ageless mask of the Goblin King.


Arielle, our protagonist of this story, claims to be able to see ghosts. After her brother, Justin, had drowned at summer camp when she was still a kid, she claimed Justin was still around. Years after and many therapy sessions passed, Arielle has learned to keep her visions to herself. When her sister’s former best friend, Perdita, was pulled from the lake, newspapers claimed it was suicide by drowning. However, when a skeleton girl with a leather jacket appears before Arielle, things become awry.


In the first fifty or so pages, I couldn’t stop crying. A lot of Arielle’s thoughts and emotions were similar to what I went through when my sister passed away. It’s rare to find a book that showcases what a lot of grieving people go through.

I liked the supernatural aspect of the novel. It added a lot more suspense to the big question: what really happened to Perdita? The description of Perdita’s ghost did freak me out a bit but that’s only because I don’t really like scary movies and my imagination likes to run wild.

Another aspect I liked about the book was how the characters could be anyone we know. It is what makes the characters so relatable. I’m sure some of us have had friends who changed because of someone they’re dating. We all have a relative or sibling who is seems to be perfect at everything. Even that one person who keeps drawing your attention with their attractiveness. Insert awkward chuckle.

It was a lovely read and I did enjoy it. Some things weren’t tied up neatly in a bow at the end but I wasn’t expecting anything to be anyway.


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