BR: Wintersong by S. Jae Jones

This review is  long overdue. I actually finished Wintersong a long time ago but never felt the need to type my review. Honestly, I haven’t felt the notion to do much of anything. That thought sounds like a different kind of blog post so I’ll just dive right in to my review.

What initially drew me to the book was the tale of the Goblin King. Not David Bowie’s Goblin King from The Labyrinth but Gong Yoo’s goblin from Goblin: The Lonely and Great God or Goblin for short.

I absolutely love this book. It was so beautiful and raw. S. Jae Jones or JJ as she likes to be called touched on immortality like no other book I have read before (which doesn’t say too much because the only other immortals I’ve read are Magnus from TID and the City books and Amar in The Star-touched Queen). I had this discussion with my friend Alex a few years back about how lonely immortality is. Seeing everyone around you pass on all the while you stay the same.

Liesl is the eldest of three so familial duty naturally fell on her shoulders. She is overshadowed by both her younger siblings. A prodigious violinist for younger brother and a beautiful fair-haired sister. Her secret compositions are her escapades. However, to save her sister from the clutches of the nefarious Goblin King she painstakingly offered them and herself to him to become the Goblin King’s bride.

Classical music is a huge base for this story and I love it. I am someone who believes music, not just classical music, is a universal language. You don’t necessarily have to understand the language of some songs but it certainly does help (I’m pointing this out because I’ve been asked several times why I listen to KPop even though I don’t understand Korean). For those of us who can’t express ourselves very well through speech find other ways to express our emotions. For me, I find it much easier to communicate through text. I can hold conversations with people however I fizzle out of the conversation quickly. Although I do talk a lot when the topic of the conversation is something I’m interested in. For others, they express themselves through beautiful channels of various arts.


It’s interesting to read and immediately know the reasons why they selfishly need each other and it’s somewhat relatable. More so with Liesl’s reasons than the King himself. I do tire of reading the constant push and pull between love interests from time to time. It’s just nice to know they were meant for each other so early in the story.

The intensity between Liesl and the King was sweltering. Some scenes had me blushing which normally doesn’t happen. I had to close the book and pause for a few moments to get it together.

However, I had a feeling as soon as I read the synopsis of this book on how it would end. Watching Goblin didn’t help either. Although from what I read or might have read, JJ did tweet she was working on a continuation? Don’t quote me on that.


I didn’t want to delve in too deeply about the King and Liesl’s relationship. That’s something that I can only express into a few short sentences without giving all the good details away. It is definitely a refreshing love story between and immortal and mortal.


Disclaimer: I normally write my posts late into the evening so if there are any typos, flow discrepancies, and/or utter nonsense, just ignore it. LOL Inspiration strikes late and drowsiness comes in as soon as inspiration leaves.

I plan to change the format of how I do all my posts. I felt as though the overall look and feel of my blog wasn’t what I wanted so I am planning to make changes. When will these changes happen? Not sure. Hopefully soon.

Live long and prosper.


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