Radiance Day: Magic Snow?

Happy Halloween!!!!

Yes, I am still alive and I’m still not as active as I had promised. I hate how lazy I get or how I cannot find the motivation to keep this going at times BUT I don’t want to close my account.

Today I have decided to finally post a queued post that’s been on my account for a few weeks. I started writing the text but got too lazy to upload the pictures.

I had seen an advertisement on my Facebook feed a few months ago about Korea’s latest foundation craze: cushion foundation.

As some of you may know or have guessed, I use a lot of Korean cosmetics. I realized a lot of their products have more options for people with combination/oily skin similarly to mine. The only problem I have with Korean products (specifically this product that I’m about to review) is the limited color options. I bought the darkest color option they have and it’s a tad too light for me.

The cushion foundation I bought is by APRILSKIN. There are two versions of the “Magic Snow Cushion”. The obvious difference is the packaging. One comes in a black box and black compact case and the other one comes in a white box and white compact case. The difference besides the packaging is the black case is geared towards those who have combination/oily/normal skin and the white case is geared towards those with dry/normal skin.

The “Magic Snow Cushion” foundation comes in three colors: 21 Light Beige, 22 Pink Beige, and 23 Natural Beige. Both versions of the cushion have SPF 50.

I like to use mineral foundation from mid-spring to early fall and liquid foundation from mid fall to whenever it starts getting hot again. What I look for when I buy liquid foundations is: UV protection, oily skin friendly, and medium to heavy coverage. Since I have a lot of acne scars and still breakout I feel incredibly self-conscious whenever foundation sits on top of my skin and seems to define my scars instead of covering them.

I’ve been using this for at least three months now and with the “Magic Snow Cushion” the coverage is pretty great compared to the liquid foundations I’ve used before. The foundation’s consistency is thicker compared to the other foundations. In result, I use less foundation and I don’t have cakeface.

I also don’t need to use concealer since it brightens my skin and evens out my skin tone (I could but I get pretty lazy about makeup). The cushion used to apply the foundation is really nice too. It packs enough foundation and makes application simple (although I still use a foundation brush to spread it out more evenly in some places). There is only 15 g worth of product but as I have mentioned before, you don’t need to use as much since coverage is BOMB.

This foundation does give dewy finish so if you’re wanting more of a matte finish, this is not a product for you. I do, however, use a makeup setting powder which mattifies my T-zone. There is a slight scent but, for me, it’s a pleasant and isn’t overwhelming.

In the third photo, I did use my stipling brush to buff the foundation on my skin for more of an even coverage and to cover the sides of my nose.


I purchased this from eBay for $17.08+free s&h. I think the price has gone up since then.

I was not paid nor asked by the seller to do a review for this product. These reviews are something I do because I want to.


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