Hello to Honesty: Shoo and go away!

2 thoughts on “Hello to Honesty: Shoo and go away!”

  1. Hi Ellen,

    I love this. I also want someone who understands the what I like to call “weird” side of me. I’m interesting but more so weird; I just like to say interesting because it makes me feel better. I embrace this weird and silly side of me though; the question is, will that person appreciate that side of me? God has something in store for both you and me. It may not be now but when the time is right, Your’s will come, Mine’s will come…till that day let’s continue seeking God’s kingdom in solitude while He preps us for the future.

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    1. Yes, girl!! Lol, I honestly thought no one reads my posts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and replying to my post~ I greatly appreciate your thoughts and thank you for giving my post some of your time to read it!


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