G. H. W. M. O.

I’m still figuring out how I want my blog to be so please bear with me.

I get weekly emails from FitBit about my activity or I should say inactivity. This past entire month has been one big whooping pile of laziness. I took a break from my jogs and I actually felt pretty terrible. Most days I felt sluggish and irritable. Also my acne flared up again because I was eating junk food too and not sweating out the toxins.

But this week, I am back in the healthy game!!! I did a two mile jog at the park and came home to jog another two and a half. I didn’t get to the park early enough so the sun was coming out and I didn’t want to get even more tan. Also, I don’t like jogging with a lot of people on the track…it’s an issue I have.

But on the few days I did jog last week, I got tired of listening to the same KPop songs on my phone and listened to K-LOVE. Not only is Christian music spiritually uplifting, it’s also very motivational when you’re running. Especially when “Dare You to Move” by Switchfoot comes on.

Any who, here is a screen cap of my stats for last week. I have also been considering uploading my measurements as well since they’re a bit more accurate to follow progress. (Isn’t my sister a beast? Almost 80,000 steps in a week!)



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