Hello to Honesty

So I decided to do an #OOTD post today because on my days off I like to dress up for myself. I was inspired by a lovely friend of mine to do one who I follow on Instagram. Not only is she stylish but she in all of her pictures she’s oozing with confidence and confidence. I wanted to do something bold and out of character.

I drove to the District 12 because one side of the bakery building is shaded and it seems taking pictures in front of brick walls is a thing. I had attempted multiple times to take a picture of myself which I will leave out the “how” because I’m too mortified to reveal it. Every time I heard a car coming, I would pretend I was taking pictures of the bakery. When cars weren’t passing by, I spent those moments trying to talk myself out of doing it. Whenever I decided to take pictures, cars would zoom by.

A wonderful lady was also there and noticed I was struggling. Jamie (the wonderful lady) came over and offered to take my picture since she was a professional photographer doing some site scoping. She asked why I was taking pictures today and I told her that I decided to do an #OOTD post.

She directed me through the shots and was really cool. I’m pretty sure she told her peoples about what had occurred and is getting a good laugh out of it. That’s fine. I’m still laughing about it too.

I really appreciate what Jamie did for me and I want to give an infinite amount of thanks to Jamie of JMP for basically being awesome and taking my pictures. They turned out a WHOLE lot better due to her skills despite my terrible camera phone quality. Please check out her page if you have the time to. Her pictures are beautiful.


After this ordeal, it got me thinking about how I needed to do something like this more often. I was editing my pictures and thought to myself “Man, I’m really cute”.

I spend a great deal looking in the mirror noting how many attributes I wish I could change about my appearance. As some of you know, I’ve always been struggling with my weight and lately I’ve been slacking (I know, terrible). Losing weight did boost my confidence but it would dissipate as soon as I stood on the scale the following week and see that I gained two pounds back.

Now I say, my confidence should not be quantified by how much weight I’m losing. I should always have self-confidence regardless of my size because that’s what makes someone truly beautiful. People say beauty is from within and they’re right. I believe having a beautiful and confident heart shines more brightly than the highlights we apply under our brows and on our cheeks. I believe we should treat ourselves out (in modesty, of course) and appreciate who we are despite what the magazines show.

I would like to note that self-confidence is completely different from pride. Pride is another sin I partake in and it is a story for another time.


Below are the pictures that Jamie took for me~ These are edited so I look better in these pictures compared to the originals.

I didn’t realize how big my FitBit looks in the picture. I need to accessorize better. There is also broken glass on the ground where I’m standing (the things I do for a perfect shot) but I was extremely careful since I was wearing flats.

Some people were being adventurous and broke the windows to try to get in to the bakery. I think the filming crew left some stuff in there but I was too chicken to look closely. The place still creeps me out and I only visit it during the day time.


Live long and prosper,

Ellen Jones Vang


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