G. H. W. M. O.

It’s that time of week again!!!

Running isn’t as “bad” as it was when I began at the end of July. I still can’t jog much faster than the speed level 3.7 without wanting to quit. But, I am able to keep my pace past my one-mile mark. So that’s great progress!

Last week I watched BTS’s concert while I jogged and found out that their songs “DOPE” and “RUN” are awesome songs to work out to. Actually, almost all of their songs are good for working out.

I wish I had started working out consistently when I was in my teens. To me, it’s harder now because I’m twenty-two now. But you know what some people say, it takes twenty-one days to form a habit.

I’ve also cut back on my consumption of rice. There are some days I stop to think, “Man, I haven’t eaten rice in a couple of days”. Eating rice always made my body feel “heavy” and now that I’m eating less, I feel more energized during the day (this is based on me having a full night’s rest).

For this week, I’ve decided to catch up on my Korean variety shows. I haven’t seen Fantastic Duo or Running Man in a while.


Week Weigh-in: 213.8 lbs

Weight Goal: 140 lbs

lbs to go: 73.8 lbs



Live long and prosper,

Ellen Jones V.



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