Radiance Day

Alrighty! So I am a huge believer in the magic of face masks may they be products from here or from the vaults of South Korea. I was on the market for a new charcoal mask and there are TONS of charcoal peel off masks on the market (there are also a lot of great reviews too). I really needed a product to help with my blackheads and with sebum control because at the end of the day, my face is shinier than SHINee.

I came across NASURA’s “Charcoal Nose Pack Blackhead Peel Off Mask” when I was looking at a review for DAISO’s “Charcoal Face Mask”. I can’t remember exactly why I went with NASURA’s mask but I tried and I like using it.

The face mask tube is smaller compared to the face mask bottles sold at Ulta or Sephora so I felt as though I wasn’t getting as much product per dollar. I had used it once a week for a month prior to this review and there’s still a good amount left so I guess it’s not too bad.

I read a few reviews on this particular brand before purchasing and in a review someone had said that the consistency was “too sticky” and she was going to go back to using Biore strips again. That baffled me because obviously it’s sticky since it’s a peel off mask.

When I applied it the first time, I applied a thin layer and was slightly disappointed when the mask didn’t pull out as many blackheads as I wanted to. I didn’t realize until the third week that I had to apply a thicker layer on my face. It took a few minutes longer to dry but the results were much more different. Since I applied the mask more liberally, I saw more blackheads, dead skin, and even the small peach fuzz that were stuck on the mask compared to the first week. As gross as it may be to see all of that come off my face, it’s pretty darn satisfying to know I got those suckers out.

I really do like the fact that I can choose between applying to my whole face or just focus on the T-zone area. I am even able to apply to the corners of my nose that the Biore nose strips could never get.

The one thing that I do recommend if you have sensitive skin is to not apply this mask once a week but twice a month. I had used the peel off mask too often and it irritated my skin so I skipped a week or two between uses. Since the mask pulls out the peach fuzz, it is slightly painful. Kind of like an adhesive bandage that you don’t rip off quickly.

After removing the mask, my face feels pretty smooth and super soft~

I apply a one-part water and one-part apple cider vinegar toner afterwards.

I purchased the face peel from ebay from the seller heyzzy for $8.75.

The consistency is sticky black goo.


And of course, the iconic face mask picture. I applied it thicker around my cheeks so I could peel it off easier.


The picture below is pretty gross. I was able to magnify a part of my mask and I focused the shot of my nose. Look at all that peach fuzz.



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