G. H. W. M. O.

Hi everyone! I just wanted to updated everyone on my progress.

I have increased the speed on the treadmill since my heart rate doesn’t spike up like it used to.

When I first started, I was out of breath in the beginning jogging at the level 3.0 on the treadmill. In almost a month, I am now able to maintain my breathing and pace at 3.0 and now I’m able to jog faster at 3.7 to really start sweating.

For this week’s kpop feature, I started watching clips of BTS’s “2015 HYYH 화양연화 On Stage” concert. BTS, for those who aren’t familiar with these guys, are comprised of seven members. Four members are vocalists and three members are rappers. The beat, tempo, and rhythm of BTS’s songs are definitely different from SHINee’s setlist in “SWC IV”. BTS’s genre is mainly K-R&B due to the group having more than two rappers in the group. Since these are guys are still “new” to the kpop scene (they debuted in 2013 but recently have become more popular) it’s really fun watching them perform. Anyway, I should stop right there before I start writing a whole article about BTS.


Last week, I took my nephews Anthony and Daniel to the park and hiking on my days off. It was definitely nice…except halfway on our hike a certain person was about to give up. However we continued, slowly this time.


Week weigh in: 215.8 (I ate very well this past week…too well…..)


Live long and prosper,

Ellen Jones V.



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