Truth Be Told

I thought for a long time on what to write about today since I fell asleep with my laptop open last week. I thought about writing a post on how it seems everyone my age seems to be getting married or having children. I thought about sharing how tough retail jobs are and how the people in retail should be respected. That led to me thinking about the other day how a teenage girl and her sister dared one another to push someone who was in a wheelchair.

Truth Be Told Wednesdays was something that I thought was a good idea…but it’s just another outlet for me to complain about how the world is messed up. I complain about how the world and society needs to change. Except…change needs to start with me.

I have absolutely no idea how many times I have been told that exact phrase. The world will always be…the world but to make things happen, it has to start with one person.

I should have spoken up about how rude and ableist these girls were but I was afraid. I didn’t want retribution from their parent who stood by and said nothing about their actions. I would have been told that I was being rude.

If I wasn’t so darn afraid I would have made some sort of imprint. They would have forgotten it in the next few hours after the fact but for me, I would still remember.

I know this post is short so please forgive me. I’ve had a lot on my mind that basically melded into this one thought.


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

-Mahatma Gandhi


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