Tidbit #1

Today I watched BBC’s mini series (I guess you can say it’s a mini series) “Sense & Sensibility” and “Emma”. I’m a fan of Jane Austen’s most famous work Pride & Prejudice. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to reading her other novels because my current reading list is long and I want to get a good … Continue reading Tidbit #1

New Category!!!

I decided to start a new category where I basically type a lot of my feels about non-book related things. I guess it will be like a look into what I’m thinking or a pressing matter that I need to express. I’m not very creative so I haven’t been able to post anything regularly compared … Continue reading New Category!!!

Note to You

  I’ve changed the layout of my blog once again. It’s a terrible habit of mine. I have also added a rating system to my book reviews which isn’t extravagant at all. I’m simply using star ratings from 1 to 5. Continue reading Note to You