#WhiteWashedOut Has Always Existed

I believe I’m a bit late on the current events but…

I’m glad George Takei has pointed out this issue in the entertainment industry when Tilda Swinton was cast to play “The Ancient One” in Doctor Strange because it’s very important. However, I’ve been complaining about how there aren’t any Asians in lead roles for a long time. Even in books, I’ve searched for non-Caucasian leads with little success.

As much as I love the Marvel movies, the claim of diversity is a joke. Claiming the role of “The Ancient One” will be Celtic is a freaking joke. This has always been an issue with the entertainment industry in the US. I know there seems to be more Asians in movies now and that’s great but they are only casted in minor roles.

One of the reasons why we rarely see Asians in lead roles is due to the fact that no one really writes roles for Asians. Even when there is one, the role is either rewritten to satisfy the majority or 9.99999999999 times-flipping-infinity out of 10, the roles are incredibly stereotyped.


I know I’m getting off topic but I just want to shout out “Surprise, USA! I’m quite average all around in academics and life.”

In elementary and middle school, I was always so irritated when people asked me to help them with their math or science homework despite the fact that I wasn’t doing as well as them. I also hated that one guy in high school who shared his thoughts about the similarities between me and a glasses-wearing Asian character in that ridiculous teen show. Honestly, not all glasses-wearing Asians are the same. I could be wearing freaking contacts in the near future.

Okay….this rant is all over the place. I’ll end it here.



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